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All around the world people are following the development of the coronavirus pandemic with feelings of concern and uncertainty. These are unprecedented times for us all and it is important that we remain calm, support one another, and follow the instructions of authorities and health officials.

Amid the uncertainty caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, we have taken extraordinary precautionary measures to protect the people we come into contact with every day - candidates, clients, employees and others. While we evaluate the risks, and consider how best to mitigate them, we remain focused on maintaining our safe and healthy workplaces and strengthening our preparations for the coming period.

I am pleased to see how we as a society have come together to address the challenges. There are many stories of people going above and beyond. 

At Randstad, we too are doing our best. During these uncertain times, we can rely on our 60-year track record as a company with high operational flexibility. Responding quickly and effectively to market fluctuations is something we are used to. It is in our DNA and shows our strength and agility as a company. We’re putting this experience to work to continue to serve candidates, clients and other stakeholders.  

Fortunately, our business continuity plans - and in particular our technology - offers us many opportunities to continue to do our work. Randstad’s employees are able to work remotely, and with tools such as video conferencing and chat programs, we can stay close to candidates and clients alike...even if we can’t meet them face to face.

It’s during times like these when Randstad’s mission of touching the work lives of people around the world becomes even more evident. 

We are committed to living our Human Forward promise - that it’s the human side of our business that makes the difference. Throughout this crisis, and after, our colleagues around the world will continue to help people and organizations address the challenges they face and support them in realizing their true potential.

Let’s stay safe, healthy and connected.

Jacques van den Broek. 

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